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Understanding electric fundamentals, electrical basics, terms, definitions and concepts. Alternating current ac the type of mains electricity used in the uk having a cyclical current waveform. Understand the requirements and configurations of electrical circuits. Tlc recommends that you download and save this pdf document and. Electrical, electronic and communications industry state award being able to work a full 38 hours per week under the terms of such award, irrespective of weather conditions, and should such employees be unable to work a full 38 hours per week due solely to the advent of inclement weather, then the cost to the contractor of. In electronics and electrical technology, a coil is usually known as an inductor. Students will learn different applications of commonly used electrical machinery unit 1. When discussing current, terms like through and in make a lot of sense. Electrical designers use it to determine how much voltage is required for a certain load, like a motor, a computer, or even a house full of appliances. Electric current is one of the basic electrical terms described as when electrons flow from one place to another, they make a current.

Summary of main basic electrical symbols and electronic symbols. Alternating current ac an electric current that reverses its direction many times a second at regular intervals. These are the very basic electrical units we work with. The electrical science handbook consists of fifteen modules that are contained in four volumes. Basic electrical terms and concepts current, voltage, resistance, charge, power, efficiency. To understand what this means, we need to start simply. Pictorial glossary the pictorial glossary includes definitions and illustrations for many terms that are frequently used in the electrical industry. When an electric circuit flows through a conductor, a magnetic field or flux develops around the conductor. It wakes us up in the morning, lights up our homes, cooks our food, powers our computers, tv sets and other appliances. Watts wattage indicates how much energy a device produces or consumes to do work.

Watthour wh a unit of electrical energy equivalent to a power consumption of one watt for one hour. The abcs of common electrical terms nickle electrical. The 101 basics series provides a solid foundation of power distribution and control equipment knowledge. Terms that are underlined and italicized are included in the glossary as a separate definition. Jul 16, 2015 life would be much easier if you knew the definition of some of the most common electrical terms. Glossary all terms and definitions listed alphabetically. Ammeters are always connected in series with the circuit to be tested.

Ammeter an instrument for measuring the flow of electrical current in amperes. Never connect any component or lead to electrical outlets in any way warning. Everything, from water and air to rocks, plants and animals, is made up of minute particles called atoms. Basic electricity fundamentals information in power and.

Volume 1 of 4 module 1 basic electrical theory this module describes basic electrical concepts and introduces electrical terminology. Dear readers, welcome to basic electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Electricity is one of our most widely used forms of energy. Below youll find over xx definitions of electrical terms. With this law you can calculate any one of the three quantities if you. We will add more posts soon on many topics such as how to build a solar generator, and this post will help build the basics on which those posts will expand. This flow of electrons is referred to as current and is designated by the symbol i. Basic concepts of electrical engineering 8 the value of the voltage or current of an a.

Volts, amps, watts, fuse sizing, wire gauge, acdc, solar power and more. Oct 21, 2015 learn basic electrical concepts and terms. Students will learn strong basics of electrical engineering and practical implementation of electrical fundamentals. Alternating current ac ammeter ampacity amperehour ah ampere a apparent power armature capacitance capacitor circuit circuit breaker conductor corona current i cycle demand dielectric constant dielectric strength diode direct current dc electrolyte. A vocabulary list featuring electrical engineering. For consultation and interpretation of components, devices and electrical and electronic circuit.

Basic electrical terms volt the unit of electromotive force, the measure of electrical pressure, is abbreviated v or v, and voltage is represented by i. It is easy to get a little confused when you are talking to an electrician that has been called out to your home or office. Normally used in uk houses at 240v rms alternating at 50 times per second 50 hertz. Apr 30, 2019 below table provides you basic electrical engineering books pdf, basic electrical engineering dp kothari pdf free download, basic electrical engineering pdf by b l theraja pdf free download, basic electrical engineering revised edition by v. Electronic components usually use currents that are less than 1 amp. This highvoltage vocabulary list covers circuits, conductors and insulators, electromagnetism, energy, and much more. Basic electrical engineering electrical engineering mcq. This current varying in parallel circuits brought about kirchoffs next big law in basic electrical engineering, kirchoffs current law kcl. Alternating current ac ammeter ampacity amperehour ah ampere a apparent power armature capacitance capacitor circuit circuit breaker conductor corona current i cycle demand dielectric constant dielectric strength diode direct current dc electrolyte electromotive force.

If you try to strip wires using a knife instead of a stripper, you probably will nick the copper and weaken the wire. Basic electrical terms and definitions electricalmag. Basic electrical troubleshooting introduction youtube. Aug 03, 2010 this feature is not available right now. Twisting wires together using a pair of household slipjoint pliers is difficult, and the loose connection might come apart. These objective type basic electrical engineering questions are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews and competitive exams like gate, ies, psu, netsetjrf, upsc and diploma. The largest collection of symbols in the network in pdf format. Ac drive an electronic device used to control the speed of an ac motor. So if you know two of the three characteristics, your can calculate the third one. Cable a cable is a set of wires, usually encased in an outer protective jacket. The electrons always flow from a negative point to a positive or less negative point, because electrons have a negative charge. Electric circuits, whether simple or complex, can be described in a variety of ways. Understand the electrical principles of alternating current ac. In other words, the net current in a node is zero or 0 iin iout.

Mehta and rohit mehta pdf free download, basic electrical engineering by c. The highest flux density occurs when the conductor is formed into a coil having many turns. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation. Electrical terms you need to know as an electrician. The following is a brief description of the information presented in each module of the handbook. It will also familiarize you with the test, help you decide if youre ready to take. Most circuit problems are due to incorrect assembly, always double check. Oct 16, 2017 basic electrical terms and definitions understanding electricity requires knowledge of these basic electrical terms. A cord would be a cable by this definition so far, but a cable is part of a permanent installation. It consists of conductors wires connected between the buildings electrical service panel circuit breakers and the electrical outlets power receptacles.

Basic electrical terms and definitions understanding electricity requires knowledge of these basic electrical terms. Amp an amp or ampere is a measure of the quantity of electric current flowing through a wire. Electric basics electrical fundamentals and terms explained. If youre seeing this message, it means were having trouble loading external resources on our website. Understanding electricity requires knowledge of these basic electrical terms. Basic electronics 2 nov 98 overview this study guide is designed to familiarize you with the advanced electrical and fundamental electronics knowledge and skills required by bellsouths technical jobs and covered by the basic electronics test. Basic electrical concepts and terms current, voltage, resistance, power, charge, efficiency. One watt is equivalent to one joule per second, corresponding to the power in an electric circuit in which the potential difference is one volt and the current one ampere. Basic electrical symbols represent earth electrode, cell, battery, source, ideal source, resistor, etc. Fundamentals of electricity the technical term electricity is the property of certain particles to possess a force field which is neither gravitational nor nuclear. Ohms law is the basic formula used in all ac and dc electrical circuits. Electrical terms or electrical terminology must be known by electrical students and engineers. If youre behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains. It takes years to get firm understanding of what they all mean.

The voltage of a circuit is the effective greatest rootmeansquare difference of potential between any two conductors of the circuit concerned. Basic electrical engineering pdf notes bee pdf notes. Electricity is the flow of electrons in a conductor from one atom to the next atom in the same general direction. In order to construct a building that will last into the future, a strong foundation is a prerequisite. Basic electrical engineering books and notes pdf free download. Osha office of training and education electrical elbasic1195 ohms law ohms law states the relationship that exists among the three basic quantities of electricity. Understand the electrical principles of direct cur rent dc. Mar 20, 2016 understanding basic electricity can be invaluable in both safety, as well as when troubleshooting and repairing an electrical circuit. Pdf chapter 1 of the book,basic concepts of electrical.

Fortunately for you ive grouped them together to help you become a better electrician. Wadhwa pdf free download, basic electrical engineering with numerical. Ampere is the basic unit for measuring electrical current. An electric circuit can be described with mere words, however, a simple and visual way to. Current is measured in amperes, which is often shortened to amps. This law basically states that current into a node will equal the current out of the node. As you progress in the electrical trade youll hear a bunch of electrical terms being tossed around like their common knowledge. Before beginning electrical work gather a basic set of tools designed for wiring. This article contains definitions and explanations of terminology used and will help you understand what he. Electrical tips for business it is easy to get a little confused when you are talking to an electrician that has been called out to your home or office.

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