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You can easily book your own travel following the guidelines at. Book seat reservations questions about reservations. Also have a look at the different links for indepth details for each country and all trains. Reservations for european trains when traveling with a eurail. And youll need to book ahead or at least pay a little extra for a spot on nearly all overnight trains in europe. For travel with the rail pass, you would check reservation costs and purchase reservations for a train from cordoba to antequera by clicking the seat reservations tab on our homepage. Go to it may be too late to exchange your eurail passes for a refund but most avoid rail europe.

Here you will find all basic information about seat reservations when travelling with eurail. How to make eurail reservations with a europe train pass. When traveling in france, or fromto france you can book on oui. Seat reservations are only valid together with a valid interrail or eurail pass. You can also book many trains through our rail planner app. Seat reservations arent included in your eurail pass theyre an additional supplement charged by some railway companies to make sure everyone gets a seat on busy services it can seem like a lot on top of the cost of your pass, but trains that ask for mandatory reservations normally save you a lot of time, and have plenty of extra features like wifi and power sockets, so you can sit. Be the first to know about our latest deals and get travel inspiration. Please note that you can only buy reservations when you have a valid activated eurail pass. Seat reservations can be made on and their regional sister sites for australia, canada, and the rest of the world, but they charge a significant fee can be around 10, often more than the reservation itself. Find alternative ways to book your seat reservations below. Find out when you need to book extra seat reservations and how much they cost.

If you are travelling on an interrail or eurail pass by sj highspeed train, sj night train or by certain ic trains, you will need a seat reservation on the train. Eurail holders must typically pay a 6 to 10 reservation fee per journey on almost all longdistance spanish trains, but with renfes spain pass its all included, reservations are free and can be made online. One thing to bear in mind when booking your rail travel is that on most trains, youll need to have a seat reservation if you dont want to end up standing the whole way and these are not included with your interrail or eurail pass, but booked separately. A seat reservation means that a traveller gets a guaranteed seat on board a train. If you are planning the trip of a lifetime, we invite you to a pleasant multidestination journey across 31 european countries with just one single pass. Find out reservation fees for highspeed and night trains in europe, and let us help you book them. Some european trains cant be booked through our reservation service. Paper ticket reservations have to be booked at least 6 days before the trains departure when a train cant be booked through our selfservice, you can find alternative ways. Book your ice train reservation online for individual trips.

You can hop on and off most trains as you please with your interrail pass, but some trains ask you to buy an additional seat reservation before you can jump aboard. Generally, trains in spain can be booked within 60 to 90 days of an intended date of departure. A rail pass does not guarantee a seat for a specific daytime. Fill in your pass cover number under add sj priocommuter ticketrail pass then in the traveller information section go to the customer card drop down box. First one is through the eurail site but they do charge you a. Trains that ask for reservations normally save you time and have lots of extra features, like wifi and power sockets or sleeping facilities, plus you can bag a space next to your friends. If you book for your group, youll be seated together. If youre planning to see a lot in a short amount of time on your eurail trip, then youll most likely need to buy some seat reservations for highspeed routes before you go. Ask other travelers for help with your route in our eurail facebook group you might be.

To use the selfservice, you need to be logged in to your eurail account and have a trip and travelers selected. On which trains is a reservation compulsory, where can you buy reservations and how much are they. Is a eurail pass cheaper than point to point tickets. Rail passes give you the flexibility to keep your plans open. Some trains in europe require a seat reservation, most commonly in france, italy, and spain.

Find out when you need them and how to book them before you travel. Were currently not able to offer seat reservations for eurail or interrail passes on rail europe, nor do we sell interrail or eurail passes. Just be sure to order them between two months and seven working days before your trains departure. Its suggested to make reservations especially during high season to make sure you get a seat so here are several ways of doing it. Most highspeed trains and all night trains in europe. Using the timetable below, you can reserve trains in italy, france, austria, switzerland, sweden, germany and the benelux. Select the option i wish to book without logging in. Train seat reservations guide interrail seat reservations. Our handy selfservice lets you make eticket reservations for many trains in europe, up to 3 hours before the trains departure. Below are the instructions for countries where you can make online reservations. Most european trains can be booked up to 3 months in advance of the date of travel, so we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Thalys is a high speed train operating from paris to brussels and onwards to either amsterdam or cologne. Eurail one country pass france pass, italy pass, spain pass. You can book your seat reservations for france by selecting the rail passes tab on the booking form on the left. On the main route from paris to brussels trains run up to every 30 minutes while on. Book your seat reservations book your seat reservations coronavirus covid19 for the latest updates, all details on booking flexibility, and answers to frequently asked questions, please click here. To travel with eurostar using your pass you need to book your seat in advance and pay a seat reservation fee. For seat reservation booking choose i have a railpass. European train seat reservations for eurail with euro railways. We can book the seat reservations previously or you can book them at train stations. Reviews on sleeper trains vary from tolerable to terrible so you might also do some thinking about the method of travel between vienna and venice. Seat reservations arent included in your eurail pass theyre an additional supplement charged by some railway companies to make sure everyone gets a seat on busy services. Rail europe rail travel planner europe train travel in. Coronavirus covid19 for the latest updates, all details on booking flexibility, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can buy seat reservations for most highspeed and night trains across europe over the phone with deutsche bahn, obb, renfe, sbb or cfl.

Find out if you need to make seat reservations or book other reservations for your rail trip. This applies to the integrated seat reservation in first class and seat reservations first and second class purchased separately. Pre purchased german eurail pass from the usa wanted first class which was worth it and not much more than second class. These trains do require reservations as a supplement to the eurail spain pass. To avoid disappointment, book your seat reservation in advance of travel especially. Reservations may be made within 60 days of the actual travel date, and it will be helpful to research the train schedules before making a request. Click on find route to check the list of train routes that dont require a reservation. The journey times of the listed routes may be longer than trains that do require seat reservations. Some trains in europe require advance seat reservations. Your japan rail pass entitles you to free seat reservations on all trains that are valid with your rail pass. Reservations for european trains when traveling with a. You can see which trains require a reservation in our timetable, or you can check by country or by train type. Seat reservations can be changed depending on availability free of charge up to and on the first day of validity of the reservation. Passholders seat reservation guide rail europe train.

The site allows me to select itineraries, but not book reservations. If youre new to making seat reservations, make sure to read our tips below the timetable. I have purchased a eurail global pass from and i am aware that you can make seat reservations at the train stations in europe. Simply check the seat reservation box and search for your journey. The selfservice lets you book trains up to 3 hours before its departure. It is not possible to choose which seat you want to reserve on the train. Reservation fees are charged by the railway carriers, and are not included in your eurail pass. Youll receive an eticket which we recommend you print at home. A eurail global pass covers all 31 participating countries, see the list or see map of rail network in the eurail countries. Reservations for italy, france, austria, switzerland, germany and the benelux will be sent to you as etickets. I am having a rather frustrating time on the eurail site. Youll be travelling in either standard or standard premier, depending on the class of your rail pass. If you have a train ticket, you dont have to worry about booking a seat reservation. Sure, 3rd party sites exist that let you reserve seats for just about every country, but their reservation fees also include a premium for their service.

It is usually not possible to buy reservations on board if you dont have a reservation but want to get on a certain train we recommend to ask the staff first. Booking train reservations rick steves travel forum. Aug 14, 2016 its suggested to make reservations especially during high season to make sure you get a seat so here are several ways of doing it. Reservations on the above trains can be made between 60 to 90 days in advance. About reservations train reservations, reservations. Check seat reservation prices so you can budget for your trip. The selfservice lets you book eticket reservations up to 3 hours before its departure. If you book as a travel manager you book trips on sj biz corporate. Some trains mostly in germany, switzerland, austria, norway, poland. A eurail singlecountry pass covers just one country of your choice. You can also buy reservations via the reservation service of our partner they can offer reservations for most countries.

You can buy them through our reservation self service for 95% of the trains in europe. Screenshot showing how to choose your preferred train connection at db website. When a train cant be booked through our selfservice, our team of reservation experts will help you book your train. Eurail 3 or 4 country select passes valid in france.

If travelling with interrail and eurail pass book a. I have unfortunately already booked my eurail global pass and am having a breakdown figuring out the seat reservations heres my itinerary accomsactivities in all cities are booked 1. You may find that having a specific seat is more comfortable than looking for empty seats on the unreserved cars, especially if you are traveling with your family and would like to sit together. You need to print these etickets and bring them with. Paper ticket reservations have to be booked at least 6 days before the trains departure.

I have a one country pass france and will be traveling in september. A seat reservation is a guaranteed seat onboard a train. Seat reservations arent included in your eurail pass, but for a small fee they guarantee you a comfy seat on busy routes across europe. With this reservation your seat on that particular train is guaranteed. On the main route from paris to brussels trains run up to every 30 minutes while on the lines to amsterdam and cologne trains run every one or two hours.

A eurail global pass offers free travel for a certain number of days, but doesnt include seat reservations. Italia rail reservations and supplements italiarail. Reserving seats with a eurail pass watch this topic. Enter your departure and arrival stations, as well as your departure date and time. Book from 3 months to 1 week before departure collect your tickets at the station or ask about delivery. Jul 28, 2011 understand when you need to purchase a reservation when riding the train in europe with a eurail pass and learn how to purchase your seat reservation. Youll receive an eticket that you need to print at home. Our handy tool will tell you if your trains need them and help you book them instantly. For travel with the eurail spain pass, you would purchase reservations by clicking on book your rail pass reservations on our homepage. Seat reservations are compulsory for most high speed, international, and night trains.

Booking train reservations with a eurail pass rick. When a train cant be booked through our selfservice, you can find alternative ways to book your reservations here. When a train cant be booked through our selfservice, our team. Travel by train in europe with rail europe, your travel planner. Confused with reservation fee for eurail spain pass. Apr 16, 2019 swiss panorama trains golden pass, glacier express able to make reservations online using a swiss pass with no issue see disclaimer at end of post german rail able to book online for segments without a eurail pass. When you follow the steps above, youll be given the best alternative travel options. A seat reservation is compulsory for nearly all high speed, international and night trains. Eurail is the ultimate way to experience europe in a sustainable way rail. For some countries, you can also reserve your seats through the websites of the national railway companies. When making a reservation, make sure to book all the reservations for you and your travel companions at the same time. Trains on which seat reservations are highly recommended. Passholders seat reservation guide rail europe train travel in. Reservations for some trains, like night trains and highspeed trains for example for example the caledonian sleeper, alfa pendular and tgv, its mandatory to reserve a seat.

Check the box that says avoid trains that require reservations. Have a question about making a reservation or about a reservation order. Book a seat reservation with rail europe and enjoy a hasslefree trip. Beginners guide to eurail passes 2020 buy a eurail pass. Our selfservice lets you make reservations for many trains in europe. Reserving seats with a eurail pass train travel forum. When do you need to make reservations with a eurail pass. You can make seat reservations through the website for 95% of all european trains to do this, you need a eurail pass and a account. These reservations are not included in your eurail pass. Book reservations for swedish trains at the sj website. Unable to reserve over the phone for eurail pass for border crossings although other sources suggested it was possible.

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